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NuTEC Manufacturing
introduces its 745E and
760E Forming Systems
that are 100 percent electric and use absolutely no
hydraulic oil or compressed air - this makes for a more
hygienic process. Though completely electric, they use
approximately 50 percent less electricity than other
machines their size while forming food at a faster pace.
A smaller footprint also makes them better choices
for food and meat processing operations. NuTEC food
forming systems form hamburger patties, veggie patties,
meatballs, sausage links, chicken nuggets, chicken rings
and much more.

In the food processing industry,
personnel hygiene is of utmost
importance and starts with
cleaning and disinfecting hands.
With the hand cleaning and
disinfection solutions from the ITEC brand, Frontmatec
offers a range of high quality products that set new
standards in terms of efficiency, eco-friendliness and
design. Frontmatec offers hand cleaning basins, hand
cleaning troughs, soap and disinfectant dispensers, hand
drying units and control systems for hand cleaning and

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Mactac announces the addition of DNP Imagingcomm
America Corporation's R550 thermal transfer ribbon
to its existing portfolio of
Underwriters Laboratories (UL)
approved durable films with
thermal transfer ribbons. The
highly regarded pre-approval
demonstrates label suitability and
compliance with ANSI/UL 969
testing standards for displaying
required safety information on
UL Certified products. With the
film-ribbon combination, converters have peace of mind
that the label solution will perform as intended while also
avoiding any additional testing. The only requirement is a
quick, easy paper transfer.

The Legrand series of stainless
steel switches are available in both
standard and sloped-roof designs
and offer water- and dust-tight
enclosures rated NEMA 4X/12 and
IP66/67/69 for protection against high-pressure, hightemperature cleanings. The corrosion-resistant switches
are available in 30A, 60A, 60A HP and 100A configurations
and can accommodate up to three sets of auxiliary
contacts for control circuit applications. The switches
are National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) certified for
food processing and offer a range of features designed
to promote reliability, personal safety and maximum
protection against corrosion in any environment.
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Wildeck Inc. has been awarded US Patent No. 9,834,975 for
its innovative "Hazard Alert Device for Elevated Barrier,"
known commercially as Wildeck's EdgeAlert Open Gate
Alarm System. The system includes a 120 VAC plug-in
power supply and can also be powered by (4) long life
alkaline "D" cell batteries (not included with the device).
A Single-Pole, Single-Throw 30V, 2A, 60W Relay Output is
provided for connection to other alarms or safety controls.
A dual-channel processor
system is self-monitoring
and will display a "fault"
signal if a sensor or wiring
problem is detected.

SaniDrive drum motors from Van der Graaf are designed
to drive modular, monolithic thermoplastic cleated and
wire conveyor belts without the use of sprockets. The belt
profile is machined direct on the 316 stainless steel face
of the drum. The machined profile prevents the buildup
of food by-product and
reduces the conveyor
cleaning time by half. The
SaniDrive design does not
have crevices for food
by-product and bacteria
to harbor and that greatly
reduces foreign material and bacterial contamination.
SaniDrive drum motors are the definitive answer for
sanitary conveyors.

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