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Hollymatic's new Defender
PC1500 Poultry Cutter comes
with special conductive gloves
that are worn by the operator.
In the event that the glove
inadvertently comes in contact
with the blade, the patented electronic braking mechanism
will activate and stop the blade within .015 seconds with
no damage to the saw. Features included are powerful 2
HP servo motor, 460V/60 Hz./3 Phase, 2.0 running Amp,
standard 9" diameter standard cutting blades and all
components Nema 4X or higher IP rating. Some options
include right hand or left hand operation, stainless steel 2
HP servo motor and interchangeable cutting tables.

Meyn cut-up solutions are developed to realize the highest
possible yield at an unrivaled speed up to 7,500 bph. The
Cut-up solutions are easy to install and also have a low
maintenance cost. With a new design of the modules
which is practical and open, the line allows easy access
for cleaning. A variety of product types is achievable,
supported by an automated camera inspection for the
visual grading and an inline weighing process. The expert
team at Meyn will explain how modules, like the wing
cutters, breast cap cutter
and leg processor are
upgraded to achieve the
highest quality and most
precise cuts.

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Bemis Co. Inc. recently launched its latest innovation,
Encore ultra-clear recyclable film. The technology
combines readily recyclable material with shelf-appealing
transparency, helping CPGs attract today's consumers
while achieving sustainability goals.
Encore ultra-clear recyclable film
is made of polyethylene, which was
designed to be recycled through
existing How2Recycle store dropoffs. This technology offers benefits
of low haze, good stiffness and
high gloss. Encore ultra-clear recyclable film is currently
available across multiple markets, including pet food and
pet treats.
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DynaClean conveyors from
Dynamic Conveyor Corp.
offer a patented design that
is simple, quick and easy
to disassemble and clean. There are no tools needed, no
small parts to lose and no nooks and crannies to clean.
DynaClean conveyors have a very open design with no
place for food or bacteria to hide and are much easier
to clean than traditional food processing conveyors.
DynaClean conveyors are known in the food processing
and packaging industry for cutting cleaning times in half.
DynaCon conveyor systems offer packagers the ability
to build their own conveyors using modules (like Lego
building blocks) to configure and later reconfigure their
conveyor layouts.

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The new RM-100 fully automatic
Rollstock Vacuum Packaging
Machine offers the lowest cost
of ownership in the industry
with state-of-the-art simplicity
that saves on cost and space. Its
compact size is only 6' 2" long so
it can be operated in the smallest facilities. The RM-100
Rollstock Machine is available in two web widths: 420 mm
and 459 mm. Cut-offs are available from 200 mm to 240
mm. The RM-100 features programmable PLC controls
with readable diagnostics and a vacuum leak check
program. The chain system is guided and has an auto
tensioning system to reduce stretch and wear.


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MEAT+ POULTRY | 08.18 |

Eagle Packaging Machinery has
developed a new solution, the
VassoyoAir Triangular Corner
Post automatic tray former,
geared toward addressing
secondary packaging needs for food, non-food and bulk
packaging industries displaying product in wholesale
club retail environments. The machine can mechanically
form and glue triangular corner post trays in various
configurations, creating a sturdy and stackable displayready tray. Triangular corner post trays provide the added
benefits of strength, stability and safety that are not typical
of traditional single-wall corrugate material.

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