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all the needs including cost limitations when
recommending a product."
In an application such as fresh ground
chicken meat, the use of a natural shelf
management product is common. In both a raw
or cooked form, oxidation needs to be mitigated.
"The use of rosemary extract or a
rosemary and green tea blend can
significantly increase the shelf life
by keeping oxidative by-products
low, improving flavor and
other sensory attributes of the
ground meat," Igou says. "Pork
sausage is an application where
synthetic antioxidants are still
very much being used. However,
by switching to plant extracts,
oftentimes an increase in shelf life
can be achieved."
That's because synthetic
antioxidants have limitations on
their application rates, while for
the most part, there is no upper
limit restriction for their natural
counterparts. Higher application
rates can be used without
impacting the flavor profile.
Wenda Ingredient's chemical
antioxidant replacement solution
combines sea salt with fruit and
spice extracts. It is labeled "sea
salt, natural flavors" and extends
shelf life by protecting fresh meats
from color degradation, spoilage
microorganisms and oxidation. It
protects against pathogens, too,
according to Metzger.
"We also offer a true 'uncured'
meat solution," Metzger says.
"Fruit and spice extracts with
polyphenols and flavonoid
antioxidants fix the iron in the
meat myoglobin and create cured
color and flavor with no or very
miniscule amounts of residual
nitrites. This all-in-one solution
eliminates chemical nitrates
and nitrites, erythorbate, celery
powder, lactates, diacetate, and
cherry powder, and eliminates the
need for high-pressure processing.
Using ingredients sourced
from food rather than concocted

in a lab assists with natural label claims.
"Brands and processors who proactively
offer consumers cleaner, more natural,
delicious meat and poultry products have an
opportunity to elevate their brand and capture
market share in this faster growing market
segment," Metzger concludes. | 08.18 | MEAT+ POULTRY


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