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these clean-label products versus traditional
for a natural claim. Rourke suggests replacing
antioxidants, the natural options do tend to be
lactate or diacetate with vinegar for pathogen
more expensive.
control and replacing propionate and benzoate
"Not only is the price-per-pound more, but
with a cultured sugar ingredient. The latter is
a higher application rate is needed to
a natural option for inhibiting the growth of
life that is desired," she says. "We
spoilage organisms and thus extending shelf life.
with the customer to understand
"While manufacturers are pushing for
effective food safety solutions,
consumers are also demanding
familiar ingredients to do the
job," says Travis Krause, proteins
business manager, Kemin Food
Technologies, Des Moines,
Iowa. Kemin recently launched
a reduced-flavor dry vinegar to
round out its vinegar ingredient
portfolio. It's available in liquid,
dry, high-concentration and as
"Use rates of 0.4 percent to
0.8 percent will inhibit microbial
spoilage organisms in fresh
meats and will inhibit Listeria in
ready-to-eat meats," Krause says.
"It can even be topically sprayed
onto fresh meat cuts to extend
days of packaged shelf life."
Plant extracts are often used
for shelf life extension, as they are
inherent sources of antioxidants.
"Acerola extract blends with
rosemary and green tea allow
for color and flavor protection
compared to straight acerola,
which controls color specifically,"
Krause says. "This blend can
be used in naturally cured meat
Ingredient Processing
products as a cure accelerator to
* Grinding
* Continuous Ovens
improve cure color."
Camlin Fine Sciences,
* Mixing (Brines, Marinades, Sauces)
* Batch Ovens
Urbandale, Iowa, uses rosemary,
* Blending (Pre-Blends, Final-Blends)
* Marking, Searing, Browning
green tea, mixed tocopherols and
acerola, as well as clean-label
Chilling & Freezing
chelators, such as ascorbic acid,
* Bulk Ingredient Addition
* Spiral Freezers
to create synergistic combinations
* Recipe Building
* Blast Cells
tailored for specific applications.
"Our natural offerings can
* Mixing and Blending Automation
* Brine Chillers
replace synthetic antioxidants
and, in most cases, provide equal
or better shelf life management,"
says Jennifer Igou, general
manager, North America at
Camlin. "When comparing

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