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Point is expected to create 300 jobs.
Peco will house the new facility in a
warehouse formerly owned by Atlanta-based
AmeriCold. The 185,000-sq.-ft. warehouse
building sits on 37 acres near interstate and
major rail corridors, according to Peco Foods,
and will include cooler, freezer and work
space. The city of West Point is providing a
water and sewer rate reduction to Peco Foods;
and the City of West Point and Clay County
are providing ad valorem abatements to
the company.
"We are extremely pleased to join the
dynamic and growing industrial environment
in the Golden Triangle. We want to thank
the Mississippi Development Authority and
everyone on the GTR LINK team for helping
bring this exciting project to completion. They
are one of the premier regional development
leaders in the South, and it has been a
privilege to work with them throughout the
process," Peco CEO Mark Hickman said. "Peco
continues to make significant investments

to ensure our ability to meet and surpass the
expectations of the industry leaders we serve.
The addition of this new cold storage facility is
a key component of our growth strategy and is
perfectly tailored to meet our current needs, as
well as future plans."
Tim Hortons also plans to add two new
warehouses as part of a multi-year plan
to expand and modernize its Canadian
distribution network. The C$100 million
plan includes the construction of two new
warehouse facilities in Alberta and British
Columbia and the expansion of an existing
warehouse in Debert, Nova Scotia.
"We have an exciting agenda of new
menu items, renovated restaurants and new
advertising programs at Tim Hortons," said Alex
Macedo, president of Tim Hortons. "Today's
announcement is an important infrastructure
investment that will support these initiatives,
support our restaurant owners and reflects our
long-term commitment to building our business
and brand in Canada."





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