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Stampede Meat announced
plans to renovate and
reopen a former Tyson
Foods plant in Sunland
Park, New Mexico.

will create up to 80 full-time jobs and 620 "spinoff" jobs by 2020, according to government
estimates. Lana Popham, the minister of
agriculture of British Columbia, announced
the decision at the BC Cattleman's Association
(BCCA) annual meeting on June 1.
"This project has the potential to ensure
BC cattle are bred, raised and finished in
our province, providing retailers, suppliers,
restaurants and consumers with great quality
BC beef," Popham said. "This can provide
an economic boost to rural BC and give
consumers what they want."
Current funding is being used to develop
a co-operative business model and the BCCA
is leading the efforts to organize and build
the plant with hopes of starting construction
in 2019.
"We recognize that there will be other
considerations before we start building this
facility, we need to look at establishing a
finishing process, and increasing feeding
capacity," said Kevin Boon, general manager
with the BCCA. "There is a lot of work ahead of
us, but this is an exciting first step in realizing
that vision."



MEAT+ POULTRY | 08.18 |

Stampede Meat Inc.

On June 11, Savel Foods Corp. subsidiary, Deli
Brands of America, opened a new 22,000-sq.ft. slicing and logistics facility in Baltimore
County, Maryland. Deli Brands of America
produces a variety of deli products including
corned beef, pastrami, roast beef, as well as the
Honest to Goodness Natural Deli brand, made
with all-natural ingredients. The slicing facility,
started in October 2017, will be used to support
two nearby, existing production facilities.
Also, Deli Brands of America brings to
market beef, pork, veal and lamb items, and
family recipes featuring dishes such as corned

beef hash, roasted pork loin and pot roast.
"As a producer of perishable products, it is
critical to minimize travel times and create an
efficient logistics center to transport product
to our growing customer base throughout
the Mid-Atlantic region as well as national
accounts throughout the United States," said
Jeff Savel, president of Deli Brands of America.
"The building location is also convenient to our
existing employees and provides us access to
a highly-skilled base to recruit new workers in
the future."
Stampede Meat Inc. has announced plans
to renovate and reopen a former Tyson Foods
Inc. plant in Sunland Park, New Mexico. With
an expected investment of $36 million to
revamp the facility, Stampede plans to expand
its existing 285,000 sq. ft. and 190 million lb.
annual production capacity by 50 percent.
Stampede produces a wide variety of
products including beef, poultry, pork, soups,
prepared meals and alternative proteins.
The company said the renovated plant will
feature proprietary 360-degree searing and
sous vide cook capabilities. Job recruitment
for the facility will begin in September and the
expansion is expected to create 1,295 new food
processing and manufacturing jobs.
"Stampede Meat has been at capacity on
some critical lines for a number of months,"
explained Brock Furlong, president and
CEO of the company. "Starting this fall,
this will allow Stampede to grow with a
significant investment in cook capacity and
new capabilities to continually play a more
critical role as our customers look for more
turnkey solutions."
This marks Stampede's first expansion
outside Illinois with the facility scheduled to
open in October. The company will distribute
products from the new facility in the US,
Canada and South America with an expected
revenue of $300 million to $400 million.
The New Mexico Economic Development
Dept. pledged an investment of up to $3 million in
Local Economic Development Act (LEDA) funds
in support of the project, and the city of Sunland
Park will act as the fiscal agent for the award.
"We greatly thank our customers for
their loyalty and partnership, giving us the
confidence to make this investment in support
of their growth and continued success,"
Furlong said.

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