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Investments in expansions and new facilities
illustrate processors' future visions
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ith plans that range from ground
up construction, renovation and
reopening of existing facilities to
additions of cold storage and warehousing,
expansion is on the menu for many meat and
poultry processors.

Detroit, Michigan-based Wolverine Packing
Co. broke ground on 8 acres of land earlier
this year. The processor of ground beef patties,
fresh lamb, veal products and portion cut
steaks purchased the land for approximately
$1.15 million and expects completion in early
2019. The new plant will add approximately
100 jobs. Tippmann Co., Fort Wayne,
Indiana, is the design-build firm leading the


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construction process for Wolverine.
Tippmann said the project has been in the
planning stages for more than two years and
was originally planned as a smaller facility, but
it increased based on customer demand.
"At each phase of construction planning,
Wolverine customers' needs continued to
evolve," said Rob Adams, an executive with
Tippmann. "Because of our great working
relationship with the management team
at Wolverine, we were able to seamlessly
make the adjustments necessary to deliver a
fantastic facility."
The provincial government in British
Columbia, Canada, also has plans to build a
new plant in Prince George to process beef and
has committed C$450,000 in support. This plant

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