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Millennials are interested
in the experiential element
of eating which includes
sharing meals with
others via social media
including Facebook,
Twitter and Instagram.

convenient instore options. Supplying ready
options for protein, bread and sides can
spur this group to try something new while
providing an experience.

The experiential element is always better
when shared with others. Millennials who
encounter unique experiences want to be able
to share these moments with others. As the
first generation who grew up with technology,
such socializing is a calling card of a generation
who is highly engaged with tech 24/7. Such
an enhanced level of engagement includes
forms of digital media as well as the ubiquitous
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat,
YouTube and Pinterest channels.
One example of social engagement is the
new TV and social media campaign from
Philadelphia-based premium cheese and deli
meat processor Dietz & Watson. The company's
marketing team is looking to connect with
the millennial influencer market, teamed with
tennis star Andy Roddick and his wife, actress
and model Brooklyn Decker to promote the


MEAT+ POULTRY | 08.18 |

company's premium meats and cheeses. The
company is also working with model Chrissy
Teigen, a popular social media influencer, to
help the company connect with other key
influencers on Twitter and Instagram. Through
these campaigns, the company hopes to align
the values of the brand and the influencer,
helping Dietz & Watson reach the newest
generation of millennial parents.
"This partnership with Andy and Brooklyn
will set the stage for raising awareness of
our brand and premium products in our most
important markets," Lauren Eni, vice president
of brand strategy and great-granddaughter of
founder Gottlieb Dietz, said in a press release.
"Our aim was not only to advertise but also
to entertain by relating our brand and our
products to everyday consumers and the little
life moments that occur in all of our lives day
in and day out."
Getting people talking and sharing about
food on social media is rarely a problem, but
supermarkets and manufacturers aren't yet
generating the same level of buzz, according
to IDDBA's Richard. He stated engagement
around food is not just nice to have; it's
a necessity. Much like the example of a
stand-alone bakery or deli, supermarkets and
manufacturers have a similar opportunity
to get people discussing new foods and
experiences around food. Such activity can
spur positive attention through a variety of
social media channels and help attract and
retain consumers through word of mouth,
according to Richard.
But this kind of experiential approach
doesn't end with social, it continues through
hands-on, in-store sampling events and happy
hours, cooking classes and dining occasions
at in-store restaurants and brew pubs. These
occasions not only heighten the experience of
food, they also help consumers have a greater
sense of what's happening in the marketplace.
Experiential occasions attract influencers
online and through word of mouth, helping
a brand build relevance and creditability.
When it comes to attracting consumers of
the millennial generation these kinds of
conversations are critical.
"Food is the perfect avenue for social,"
Richard said. "Teaming with influencers both
high and low helps a company build credibility
and relevance with consumers."

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