Meat+Poultry - August 2018 - 69


More likely to shop
multiple channels
for their food than
past generations


View cooking as an
experience, emphasizing
the importance of the
Experiential Economy


Mostly shop the
fresh perimeter


Less brand loyal than
past generations


Those with children
mirror shopping patterns
of Gen X consumers
Source: IDDBA

steps, millennials gravitate toward the pairing
of ready-to-eat items and products from crosspromotional displays.
"Millennials can go into the store with
nothing particular in mind and find ideas for
dinner," Eric Richard, International Dairy
Deli Bakery Association (IDDBA) educational
coordinator said. "At the other end of the
spectrum, millennials also want to cook at
home, but they need instruction. This is a
group that may not have learned these lessons
at home."
Diversity also informs the eating choices of
millennials. This is a demographic who prides
themselves on embracing the new, enjoying

the experiential and is eager to try ethnic
food of all varieties. Such openness to new
foods and cultures also lends itself to instore
offerings where millennials can conveniently
assemble their next meal from deli counters
and hot/cold bars.
While the shopping habits of older
millennials with children at home skew
toward the behaviors of Gen X consumers,
younger millennials are more likely to shop for
themselves, seeking out single-serve and graband-go items. To capitalize on the popularity
of online meal prep programs, stores have
an opportunity to demonstrate easy ways
to prepare meals and suggest pairings from

Younger millennial
consumers are more likely
to shop for single-serve
and grab-and-go items. | 08.18 | MEAT+ POULTRY


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