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New Hampshire, recently launched a new line
of clean label turkey and ham deli meats that
are deemed organic, certified humane and all
natural. As a point of difference, the deli meat
is marinated and cooked after packaging,
utilizing sous vide technology then smoked
to impart that flavor. The resealable packages
start at a retail price of $4.99.
Pederson Natural Farms, Hamilton, Texas,
is introducing a line of prepackaged sliced deli
meats, including a no-sugar added uncured
ham in black forest and smoked flavors and
a no-sugar added roasted chicken breast,
smoked chicken breast and smoked turkey
breast. The deli meats are shingled and sold
in a 7-oz. film-wrapped package with bright
purple and green graphics.
Another new player in this space is Organic
Valley of La Farge, Wisconsin, which has
moved beyond dairy with a sister brand of
ready-to-eat meats. Organic Valley's organic
deli meats are available in an easy-to open,
BPA-free, recyclable, peelable tray in seven
varieties, with a suggested retail price starting
at $5.99.
One area of concern with organic and
natural packages of deli meats is shelf life,
which is typically shorter than traditional
processed meats. Various product and
packaging solutions address that issue: The
Land O'Frost brand, for example, adds a
freshness pack to packages of its Simply
Delicious line of lunch meats, comprised of
food grade iron powder.
Ingredient suppliers are also devising
ways to extend shelf life, like Des Moines,
Iowa-based Kemin Food Technologies,
which has developed a natural preservative
made from a combination of rosemary and
green tea extract. "The market for natural
meat and poultry products is strong and
continuing to grow amidst clean label trends.
The influence today is on not only how to
put cleaner words in an ingredient deck,
but to determine how those changes enable
front-of-pack claims," remarks Amanda King,
technical manager, proteins.
Meanwhile, as Americans keep snacking,
that macro trend has also impacted the
packaged deli meat section. Manufacturers
seek to meet the craving for protein snacks
with products that include smaller portions
of sliced deli meats. The Boar's Head brand,

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