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not HPP will take over as the primary method
of pathogen control remains to be seen. But
currently, a combination of safety interventions
for pathogen control is the best approach
according to most food safety experts.
"For some products, and some pathogens
the multiple hurdle approach is be the best
solution. The use of natural preservatives (like
bacteriocins, essential oils or plant extracts),
gentle heat treatment, biological intervention
(lactic acid bacteria), in addition to HPP could
be required to maximize the lethal intervention
of HPP to control pathogens in some natural
products," Tonello says. "For regular products,
HPP acts in synergy with the chemical
preservatives providing higher pathogen log
reduction and achieving longer shelf lives
which can be required for exported products,
for example. HPP can be also combined with
active packaging."
Raghubeer sees nothing but steady growth
in HPP's future in RTE meat pathogen control.
"Also, we are seeing it grow because of
this movement toward cleaner labels, less
preservatives and low sodium in the market,"
he says. "I don't expect it to slow down, I don't
expect every company that is doing RTE meat
and poultry is going to be using HPP, that
would be nice, however the growth in this
category continues to be very positive."
Sutherland agrees on the growth potential
of HPP and believes it's the best technology on
the market for nutritious, minimal ingredient
fresh products.
"I think we're going to see a lot of growth
out of this industry, and in the next few years,"
Sutherland says. "I think we're going to see a
lot of development in the utilization of HPP,
which we're excited about. That's kind of what
we're headed toward."

"I think we're
going to see a lot
of growth out of
this industry."


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