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The applications for
HPP have grown as the
technology has evolved to
deliver benefits to multiple
categories of food and
various packaging formats.

shopper has an understanding of what organic
means, but the majority probably don't have
an understanding on HPP due to a lack of
understanding of what the technology offers.
"Our strategy really aligns with what the
Cold Pressure Council is doing to educate the
common consumer on HPP," Tonello says.
"As a leading supplier of HPP equipment,
we have covered a lot of ground helping our
customers to get the right message across
to the consumers on what HPP is and the

benefits of using it. Having customers in more
than 40 countries, we have a very wide reach
to get messaging across, either through our
customers, website or marketing materials.
Now, thanks to the Council, we can have an
even wider reach in terms of getting the right
message across to consumers."
Jasmine Sutherland is president of Perfect
Fit Meals, and HPP tolling station Texas Food
Solutions. She says HPP allows her businesses
to create the clean labels that the educated
consumers of today want. To
educate her customers on the
benefits of HPP, Sutherland puts it
on the product's label along with
resources for the customer.
"We put it on our label and we
give them a website to go to where
they can actually learn more
about the processing and how we
do it and why we do it and why
we believe in it, which is kind of
nice," Sutherland says. "We put
it on our website because when
we have a ready-to-eat meal that's
never been frozen, and it's got over
30 days of shelf life, people are
going to, or should, ask questions
about how. 'How is this product
still fresh?' We wanted to be ready
for that and we wanted to be as
transparent as possible."





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Perfect Fit Meals



HPP does cost more than the
traditional chemical preservative
and thermal processing-based
methods of pathogen control in
RTE meats, and price often drives
consumer choice. Whether or

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