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"Gone Rogue is truly
an exciting and oneof-a-kind brand for
the snacking category
because it combines
the crunchiness of a
potato chip with the
protein-rich benefits
of jerky." - REGGIE MOORE

traditionally more popular during downturns in
the economy.
"But the past couple years, private brands
have been selling well even though the
economy has been good," he says.
Land O'Frost has also followed the
production trend of in-plant automation.
"We recently installed automated meat
slicing lines - from slicer to finished package,
no human hands touch the product," Van
Eekeren says. "This technology has been
around for a little while but we don't
implement technology until it's been proven.
These slicing lines improve food safety,
efficiency, food quality and logistics."
When looking five to 10 years down
the road, Van Eekeren says he thinks most
consumers will be demanding even more
antibiotic-free meat, a trend that already has
producers scrambling to accommodate.
He also sees the current trend of shoppers
looking for on-the-go healthy snacks to
continue growing in the future, including
high-protein snacks.

Capitalizing on the high-protein snack trend,
Land O'Frost debuted its newest brand, Gone
Rogue High Protein Chips, at the Sweets and
Snacks Expo this past May.
"Gone Rogue is truly an exciting and one-of-


MEAT+ POULTRY | 08.18 |

a-kind brand for the snacking category because
it combines the crunchiness of a potato chip
with the protein-rich benefits of jerky," said
Reggie Moore, senior vice president of sales,
marketing and innovation for Land O'Frost, in
a news release.
"At Land O'Frost, we're always keeping a
pulse on the latest trends and exploring new
ways to meet the needs of our consumers. As
consumers look to snack more throughout
the day and get more protein in their diets,
Gone Rogue provides a satisfying and
convenient option."
Gone Rogue meat chips come in singleserve packages and will be available in six
flavors: teriyaki chicken, chicken bacon, honey
mustard ham, buffalo style chicken, applewood
smoked ham and BBQ flavored chicken. Gone
Rogue products offer 17 grams of protein per
serving, are low in carbohydrates and have no
artificial flavors.
The new line will be available later this
year at mass retailers and grocery stores
nationwide. The dried-meat chips are
shelf-stable and will primarily be available in
convenience stores.
"The response so far has been incredible,"
Van Eekeren says. "People try the chips and
ask what they're made of. When we say meat,
they look impressed and keep eating. Retailers
really loved them."

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