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SaltWorks® is the pioneer of
all-natural salt smoking
innovations, offering the largest
selection of real-wood smoked sea
salts available. Each authentically
Jewish fare. To meet this demand, his deli
shops expanded its menu to include garden
fresh salads.

Firehouse Subs works
to provide its customers
with variety, value
and portability.

crafted variety provides unrivaled
quality and mouthwatering flavor
for crave-worthy products.

For many foodservice operators, cost
considerations are critical in the formula of
deciding what ingredients to use and what
meats to include on the menu.
Still, Miller shares that Firehouse Subs'
brand founders have always focused on
quality first.
"As our brand has grown, we have been
able to leverage our purchasing power to
continue providing the premium ingredients
our guests have come to enjoy and expect," he
says. "Ultimately, our commitment to quality
is a core brand value and something we refuse
to compromise. The benefit, of course, is our
guests love our product, which, in our opinion,
is the best return on investment."
When considering costs, McAlister's Deli
examines not just the individual ingredient cost
but that of the finished product. If ingredients
are deemed premium by the guest, Eudy says
they are usually willing to spend a little more
money on that item.
"In regard to the ROI of a product, there
are multiple components to determine if it's
successful outside of the dollar value," Eudy
says. "Is it a menu item that will bring guests in
more frequently? Is it building upon a category
our guests want us to deliver on? We look at
these and many other variables when we go
through our testing process to ensure the item
checks most of our boxes and presents the
best possible addition."

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