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Although more people continue
to eat outside the home, Packaged
Facts sees the positioning of meat
and poultry as a natural and healthy
mealtime staple and snack as a
method to re-invigorate the market.
This is in evidence with new products
offering grab-and-go, protein-based
snacks and the introduction of new
usages for deli meat accompanied by
recipes and Instagram-worthy photos
for the creation of high-end specialty
sandwiches such as tartines, French
open-faced sandwiches, and quickto-create breakfast sandwiches that
double up on protein with premium
specialty meats, eggs and cheese.
At the deli counter, specialty
meats with international profiles
entice younger consumers who are
open to purchasing specialty deli
meat selections. Attracting this group,
who are the primary purchasers of
deli meat, means showcasing its
convenience factor and enhanced flavor
profiles, according to Mintel. This could


include offerings of pre-packaged,
high-protein snacks featuring meats,
cheese, crackers, fruit and nuts or
the choice of freshly sliced deli meats
for an upscale charcuterie platter
or a casual meat and cheese
tray. Convenience and
snacking continue to be an
opportunity for retailers
and suppliers alike,
and the International
Dairy Deli Bakery
Association (IDDBA)
predicts the popularity
of sandwiches and
pizza will drive the sale
of higher-end meats with
the growth of specialty
Spanish and Italian meats.
"Protein-heavy snack packs
featuring meats and cheeses are
moving meat producers in a new
direction," according to Jonathan
Whalley, IDDBA education coordinator.
"We see this in the specialty meat
segment as a way to drive trial of moreupscale meat and cheese products."

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This includes making room in the
case for selections of humanely raised
sausages, including the ever-popular
chorizo with dollar and volume sales
increasing more than 15 percent and
16 percent, respectively; hot dogs and
sausage free of fillers; locally sourced
bacon free of nitrates/nitrites; and
bacon that tastes as good out of the
microwave as it does out of the pan.
Other important attributes include
the use of premium ingredients,
organic labeling and low-cholesterol
and gluten-free offerings. While the
consumer desire for clean labels
continues across the board, lowsodium options are primarily only a
concern for baby boomers and the WW
II Swing generation.
"People are looking at preservatives,
fillers, artificial ingredients and
sweeteners," Whalley said. "The deli
meat category is not only moving away
from some of the negative perceptions
associated with those ingredients, it is
further adapting to consumer desires
for plant-based foods."

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remains popular,
with dollar and volume
sales increasing more
than 15% and 16%,

Specialty meats with international profiles attract younger consumers to the deli department.

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