Meat+Poultry - August 2018 - 29

The Vemag Total Vacuum Stuffer fills your entire line
of premium products. No air, no pinholes, no jelly pockets.
The versatile, high-speed Vemag Total Vacuum Stuffer
is the one system that can easily produce your
entire line of premium deli products.
■ A single Vemag Total Vacuum Stuffer can fill everything from
ham to whole muscle to emulsions to dry salami.
■ Two separately controlled continuous vacuum systems maximize
air removal.
■ Produce better looking, dense, uniform products with no
pinholes or unappetizing jelly pockets.
■ Achieve faster processing, higher slicing yields, improved color,
and extended shelf-life.
Test the Vemag for yourself. Contact us to schedule a demonstration
at the Reiser Customer Center.
Canton, MA * (781) 821-1290
Reiser Canada
Burlington, ON * (905) 631-6611

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