Meat+Poultry - August 2018 - 19

"When the SX380 joined our Kunzler team,
we saw an immediate yield increase."
- Rodney Shultz

"I'll stand on a mountain and shout about the quality of our
Formax slicers," says Rodney Shultz, Facility Director at
Kunzler, a 117-year-old premium bacon, ham, hot dog and
deli meat processor that serves 13 states from their two
facilities in Pennsylvania. "They just make my life easier."
Kunzler was an early adopter of Provisur's new Formax SX380,
boosting throughput and yield in their deli meat slicing
operation. "The SX380 gives us unbelievable control and
flexibility - and raised yields by 1.5 - 2 percent," says Shultz.

Kunzler grows on the cutting edge
"Our new SX380 is allowing us to react quickly to every
customer need. We can fold, bunch or create just about any
presentation we need on the new slicer. It's astonishing."
Shultz is equally impressed with the slice quality. "The SX380
lets us get the product right down to the blade. Our stacks
are so precise it's almost hard to tell that it is sliced product.
And, because the butt ends are now so small, our product
waste is reduced."

Praise for the accessible and hygienic design
"The SX380 is easy to clean and fits right in with our
commitment to produce the most wholesome product
possible. We have a zero tolerance philosophy when it comes
to hygiene and it is obvious that Provisur shares our goals."

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