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hildren of attendees at the
American Association of
Meat Processors' American
Convention of Meat Processors in
Kansas City, Missouri, showed off their
meat crafting skills during the Kids'
Competition on July 20.
Children ages 4 to 12 were
eligible to compete in three separate
age groups - 4- to 6-year-olds, 7- to
9-year-olds and 10- to 12-year-olds.

Each contestant was given the task
of making a creation out of the food
supplies provided including lunch
meat, hot dogs, cheese, bread, olives
and vegetables. A "weiner" from
each age division was chosen.

"It's a little like 'Indiana Jones and the
Temple of Doom.' We're kind of at full
capacity right now, and we're trying to
figure out how we take the gold idol and
get the sand on there at the same time,
just a perfectly equal balance."
- Gordon Klemp, founder and president of The National
Transportation Institute on rising freight costs during a
presentation at Sosland Publishing Co.'s Purchasing Seminar.


MEAT+ POULTRY | 08.18 |

Consumers looking for better-foryou beer can chicken might consider
the Beast Roaster from Grill Beast.
The Beast Roaster is a stainless steel
vertical chicken roaster that simulates
the beer can chicken cooking method
of roasting chicken. What's missing
- besides the beer can - is BPA, a
chemical that prevents foods reacting
to aluminum and that has been
the subject of health concerns.
"Although there are differing studies
and opinions regarding the amount
of BPA that may leech into your
food from an aluminum can, and
the health risks associated with
BPA, why take that risk?" says Grill
Beast founder, David Johnson.

Say yes to meat
WeWork Cos., a provider of shared
workspaces and other services,
will no longer pay for any red meat,
poultry or pork at WeWork events and
won't allow employees to expense
meals including meat, according to a
Bloomberg report.
In response to this type of
policy in the workplace, the North
American Meat Institute (NAMI)
is offering resources on its new website. Among
the resources are "Top Ten Ways to
Sneak Meat into the Office" and "Best
Excuses to Get Out of Your Office's
Meatless Lunch."

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