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Beyond Meat, a leading manufacturer
of plant-based proteins, officially
opened the company's new 26,000-sq.ft. research and development center
at the company's headquarters in El
Segundo, California.
The company's "Manhattan
Beach Project" is seven times the
size of the existing facility and is
designed to support the scientists,
engineers, food technologists, chefs
and managers tasked with iterating
Beyond Meat products "...until they
are indistinguishable from their animal


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Cargill recently announced the
company is supplying beef to a new
concept store in South Korea called
"It's Meat." The company partnered
with Seoul-based AG Meat, a specialty
meat distributor, to offer Excel -
Cargill's premium US beef brand - at
the It's Meat stores.
"The demand for safe, imported
beef has increased given the price has
stabilized," said Jin-Tae Ha, general
manager, Cargill Korea. "Given this
demand, Cargill Protein is diversifying
distribution channels to provide more
Korean consumers access to highquality Excel beef."
Excel-brand beef sold through
It's Meat locations is subject to a
seven-step, regulated production
system to ensure safe handling through
to product packaging. According to
Cargill, "micro-sized pathogens are
accurately removed through a new
scientific process offered by Cargill
Protein globally to support food safety."
Three It's Meat stores currently
operate in Korea and AG Meat plans to
open 300 additional stores in the market
over the next three years. Market
penetration of Excel beef is expected
through growth into direct management
and franchise options. Cargill Protein
will supply Excel beef to all 300 It's
Meat stores along with marketing and
technical support to expand domestic
distribution, the company said. Excel
beef already is sold at various retailers
in Korea including, Costco, Lotte
Mart and e-Mart in addition to several
convenience stores.

Bridgeview, Illinois-based Stampede
Meat Inc. plans to renovate and reopen
a processing plant once owned by
Tyson Foods Inc. The company expects
to invest $36 million in the Sunland
Park, New Mexico, facility which will
expand Stampede's existing 285,000
sq. ft. and 190 million lb. production
capacity by half.
The renovated plant will feature
proprietary searing and sous vide cook
capabilities. The company produces a
wide variety of products including beef,
poultry, pork, soups, prepared meals
and alternative proteins.
The expansion also is expected
to create 1,295 new food processing
and manufacturing jobs, according to
Stampede, and job recruitment for the
plant begins in September.
The company said products
manufactured in the Sunland Park
plant will be distributed across the
United States and into Canada and
South America. The company expects
the facility to generate $300 million to
$400 million in revenue. The facility
is expected to open in October and
marks the first time Stampede Meat
has expanded outside Illinois in the
company's 24-year history.

Earlier this year, Sonic Corp. set out to
build a burger that would bring more
female customers back to the chain.
The Sonic Signature Slinger debuted in
March, featuring a patty of beef blended
with mushrooms on a brioche bun,
with fewer calories than a conventional
beef burger, said J. Clifford Hudson,
chairman and CEO of Sonic Corp.
The blended burger was Sonic's
answer to decreasing visits by women,
who have historically represented the
brand's core customer until about a
year ago. That's when Sonic shifted its
promotional strategy to focus on more
value-oriented offerings, Hudson said.

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protein equivalent," the company said.
The center is divided into eight
distinct laboratories and footprints
with an emphasis on consumer
engagement, according to the company.
The Manhattan Beach Project also
includes a test kitchen that will host
chefs and culinary experts and a formal
sensory lab for consumer tasting and
product testing of its products.
Beyond Meat also is expanding its
Columbia, Missouri, production facility
from 30,000 sq. ft. to 100,000 sq. ft. to
accommodate growing demand for
the company's plant-based products.
Beyond Meat expects to generate more
than 250 new jobs in 2018. Beyond
Meat's existing Missouri facility houses
more than 200 employees.
The company expects to create
50 new jobs over the next year
at the Manhattan Beach Project
facility. Beyond Meat is working with
universities and research centers to

identify and recruit talent to work at
the facility.
Beyond Meat is the maker of the
Beyond Burger, which the company
says looks, cooks and tastes like
ground beef from cows but is made
from plants. The company already has
distribution to 27,000 grocery stores
and restaurants in the US.

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