Meat+Poultry - July 2018 - 71

Fresh or Frozen

Pacproinc® has a Better Burger Interleaving Solution
Do you want to convert your IQF line
into a fresh burger line?

Are your customer's asking you to metal
detect and reject before paper is added?

Would you like to increase your existing
burger former's throughput by 25%?

Do you need to score your burgers
on both sides?

Is your burger former's interleaving
module a maintenance headache?

Are you tired of cleaning paper scrap
out of your freezer?

Pacproinc's interleaving, counting, and stacking solutions provide:
Precise and reliable paper placement

Widths of 20", 26", and 32"

Stacks up to 4.5" tall (depending on
burger diameter)

Compatibility with most plate forming and
rotary forming systems

Throughput rates over 150 cycles per minute

Lowest cost of ownership

Lowest paper costs because the machine cuts
directly from roll stock

The right technology for the right solutions.
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Photo: George Motz/Hamburger America

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