Meat+Poultry - July 2018 - 63

The Rome Reclaim System* (RRS) is the premiere
two-in-one bone elimination system that
maximizes yields and minimizes waste.
You can rely on RRS for:
Product safety - complete batch
control eliminates the risk of
bacterial contamination
Easy sanitation/maintenance - fewer
parts disassemble quickly to clean to
AMI/3A Sanitary Guidelines
Product quality - reduced handling
maintains optimal texture, definition,
temperature and color
Reduced labor costs - automated
elimination replaces manual
product transfer step


RRS is
the latest
innovation in our
40 years of delivering
epic grinding solutions.
Our full line of high capacity
Mega Grinders features feed
screws and barrels machined from one piece of solid stainless steel -
ensuring dependable performance and long equipment life.


And just like our high volume grinders - Maximus, Titan and Brutus -
Rome's dedicated sales and service specialists work hard for our customers.

Contact us today.
Start grinding out more profits.
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* Patent Pending

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