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Tony Jones (right) explains
the benefits and proper
use of the mobile RVA
equipment used by Tyson.

look like. Arrowsight does have a wealth
of experience in auditing many industries,
including food processing.
"There are some clients that will say, 'we
know you have a lot of experience, you're
in a lot of these environments, what would
you recommend?' Then of course you've got
your NAMI guidelines and trade organizations
have a lot to offer as far as what they would
recommend, or what's important. Sometimes
respected experts that work for the clients or
that are contractors will give us good insights
and the client good insights," Moshier adds.
Moshier goes on to say auditor training
can come in several ways and from several
sources, but the client's expected outcome
really determines how Arrowsight audits.
"The outcome you want defines your
criteria, and then the criteria define your audit
process," he says.

Arrowsight constantly looks to push RVA
forward. It's gone from the plant into the
field/farm and plans to go further with new
innovations and technology. Two possibilities
on the horizon include artificial intelligence (AI)
and sensory technology to supplement in-plant
and mobile RVA. While the company does not
currently offer these technologies, the company
is invested in these options for the future.
"We are very carefully, and with a lot
of planning, focused on probably the most
prominent 5 percent of our audit software for


MEAT+ POULTRY | 07.18 |

moving into an AI situation," Moshier says.
"What we're really looking at initially is animal
welfare applications."
Moshier says AI would be applied to those
areas of production and farming in which
clients have historically seen things go wrong
or the areas that have caused them the most
problems, such as egregious behavior captured
on undercover video.
"AI is a big push for us," he says. "That's
the next frontier, but to do it in a smart and
pragmatic way, where it's not just a feel good,
but it actually has the greatest potential to
make a more impactful difference."
Another future addition to the RVA and
mobile RVA equipment will be sensors.
Arrowsight will make available sensor
packages to go with the camera boxes that
might include geo-fencing. Clients and auditors
will have the ability to track crews through
the GPS sensors on the cameras on the farm
and through the barns, etc. Some of the GPS
sensors available can track to within 10 yards.
"Additionally, we're going to be adding
sensors to those boxes so when they're in an
environment you might be able to pick up
something like ammonia level in the house or
wind velocity, humidity, temperature," Moshier
says. "There's all types of sensors out there
that are getting better and better. So, there's
going to be innovative sensor packages added
to all this mobile gear, so you can couple
environmental data along with your visual data,
and maybe audio down the road."

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