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In 2017, Creekstone
processed about
295,000 cattle.


a point to work on these types of benefits for its
team members and continues to look for ways to
add more benefits like the charter bus between
Arkansas City and Wichita. One such program

MEAT+ POULTRY | 07.18 |

Creekstone would like to offer in the future
involves making employees' lives easier.
"We're also looking at subsidized day care
for hourly employees," Rogers says. "From
our perspective if we start at 6:00 a.m. and you
have a child that needs to be dropped off at
day care, you have to drop that child off at 5:30
a.m. Not a ton of options out there for day care
that will take kids that early."
Creekstone subsidized daycare would
allow for a more flexible schedule on the
pickup times for employees and their
children. If something happens on the
fabrication floor and the chain stops, it often
means finishing the day's run that much later
in the afternoon. Employees might have to
leave early or make emergency arrangements
to pick up their children.
"So, we're working on some options there
to provide day care to our hourly associates to
help with that," Rogers says.
"It's better to have that benefit than a
higher hourly because it actually gives you

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