Meat + Poultry - February 2005 - 41

Sausage popularity is pushing
Calihan Pork to the top


Tom Landon and Lou Landon, Calihan Pork co-owners (from left), along with Jim Forbes, G.M.




February 2005


he sausage industry is flourishing.
Consumers are eating sausage
for breakfast, lunch and dinner
throughout the year and Calihan Pork
Processors' business is thriving. The
meat Calihan supplies, specifically prerigor pork, is the main reason the company is operating as strong as ever.
"Sausage consumption is no longer
just in the spring and summer," says
Jim Forbes, general manager of the
company that supplies raw material to
companies like Johnsonville Sausage,
Hillshire Farm and Klement's Sausage
Co. "It's snowing today and not many
people will fire up their grills, but they
can cook bratwurst or Italian sausage in
their microwaves. This has increased our
"You can see by consumption patterns
that dinner sausage continues to grow,"
Forbes continues, noting that protein-based
diets and demand for low-fat products has
contributed to sausage's market share. "It's
growing by leaps and bounds."

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Meat + Poultry - February 2005